Personal Programs


Yoga teacher training programs cover a lot of ground, don't they? But often the concepts introduced are delivered as just that—an introduction. A lot of yoga teachers—both new and seasoned—want to expand their offerings by teaching private yoga sessions and are looking for some guidance. Private yoga lessons offer an opportunity for teachers to expand their teachings into individualized work that expresses their unique philosophies and voices while supporting the well-being of their clients in a one-on-one capacity through customized instruction.

5 Tips for Teaching Private Yoga Classes:

  1. Know Why Ideal Clients
  2. Do As Professionals Do
  3. Have an Evaluation Process
  4. Be a Problem Solver
  5. Know Your Value

Like many of the subjects covered in yoga teacher trainings, teaching private yoga lessons is an expansive topic in its own right. The key to building a thriving practice teaching private yoga lessons relies on implementing concepts and principles that are designed to last long-term due to their ease, efficacy, and consistent refinement while allowing space for your teaching and business to evolve over time. Viewing the business of yoga as a practice in its own right will allow you to create relationships with the students you’d like to work with, be a professional problem solver, craft evaluation processes that get to the heart of what your clients need in their lives (and then delivering practices and tools that meet those needs), and address any mindset limitations that may hold you back from arriving fully as a private yoga teacher and yoga business entrepreneur